LEGO Haul no. 18 – Biggest Bag Ever?

LEGO Haul number 18 is a video that contains what I think may be the biggest bag of LEGO I ever got! It’s SO big. Other than that there’s plenty of new sets and used stuff to see! I’m really pleased with this LEGO haul and got some great prices on LEGE sets! This may actually be the biggest LEGO haul I every got in used LEGO. I hope you’ll enjoy this LEGO haul unboxing!

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LEGO Haul no. 13 – Tiles

LEGO Haul video no. 13 contains loads of tiles, new and old LEGO sets. I’ve been pretty lucky to find some used LEGO in thrift stores and today I show you what I have! There’s also some new LEGO in this haul – a LEGO Friends set etc. It’s great to have more LEGO for the collection! Join me as I show you the content of this haul filled with my favorite brick-based toy – LEGO. Thank you for watching!

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LEGO Haul no. 12 – Minifig Bonanza

Minifig Bonanza is the keyword for todays LEGO Haul! I’ve been lucky enough to find more used LEGO at thrift stores and today I’m showing you my catch! There’s a lot of Ninjago, Hobbit and Chima minifigures in this haul. But there’s also plenty of used bricks for MOCs in this second hand haul. So, join me as I dig through piles and piles of my favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

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Top 7 LEGO Thrifting Tips

I share seven tips for finding cheap LEGO in thrift stores and flea markets. Cheap LEGO can be hard to come by and finding LEGO second hand can be a great way to save money. It’s not easy to find LEGO in charity stores etc. which is why I share these top 7 LEGO Thrifting Tips.

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LEGO Haul no. 9 – Ninjago

LEGO Haul no. 9! In todays LEGO haul I possibly find a couple of Ninjago LEGO sets. There is also plenty of LEGO Boardgames and a box of random LEGO bricks. So, come along on todays video as we search this haul og our favorit toy and hope to find some LEGO treasure! Thank you for watching!

LEGO haul no. 7 – Classic Space

Another LEGO Haul – new LEGO and used LEGO from the 1970’s and 1980’s I think! There are a lot of Classic Space LEGO sets to see in this one. There was an offer in a Danish supermarket – 35% off on LEGO. So, I kinda went crazy! There is mostly LEGO city and LEGO Creator sets among the new sets. And there is a lot of classic space pieces in a used lot you’ll see in the end of the video. So, if you like big boxes of LEGO, good deals and classic space LEGO – this one is for you!

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