LEGO City Update #23 – Camera Store

LEGO City Update #23 – Camera Store. In this video I show you how I build a LEGO Camera Store for my LEGO city – Bakersville. A camera store is essential for your LEGO city as LEGO minifigs are enthusiastic photographers. Moreover, it provides a great opportunity to build a fun 3D sign in LEGO.

LIVE LEGO BUILD: LEGO 31077 Sweet Surprises

In today’s livestream we build the LEGO 31077 Sweet Surprises from the LEGO Creator 3in1 line. The LEGO Sweet Surprises is one of those LEGO that was basically a must for me to get! Being a Brick Baker, I had to own a Brick Bakery! I think it looks like a really nice LEGO Creator set just based on the box-art and the included minifigs are fun. I hope you guys are ready with your comments and questions so we’ll have some fun on this live broadcast. Join me in this livestream where I build the Sweet Surprises LEGO set, with my favorite brick based toy!

Thank you for watching!