LEGO City Update #28 – Diner Interior

LEGO City Update #28 – Diner Interior. In this video I show you how I add an interior to my custom LEGO Diner Moc. I use both pre-made details from the Hidden Side Seafood Diner and custom interior as well. It’s a great mix and a great way to detail your own builds. Interiors in custom LEGO buildings are always fun to make and really adds a lot of life to your buildings.

Thank you for watching!

Project Update: Interiors!

I’ve been working on the residential masonry building over the weekend. I’ve finalized the interiors of the four apartments and I’ve completed the first floor exterior as well. It now sits in it’s unfinished state in the city. I’ve realized that I will probably run out of light grey 1×1 SNOT (Studs Not On Top) bricks before I get the second floor done. I’m now contemplating building the roof and add in the second floor later on.