Overanalyzing 31069 Family Villa

A monument to the lizard people taking over the world!

When you look at the 31069 you are maybe marvelling at the wonderful details at the windows, maybe you enjoy the car in the garage? But watch out. If you look too long you’ll realize the TRUTH! There’s a flock of lizards taking over the world!

Why do you think the main nuances of this set is white and red? White is the same nuance as summer clouds and red is the same color as red roses. When do roses bloom? In the spring and summer! What else is springy? The surface of a lizard! BOOOOOM!

Look at the green plate in front of the main door. You may think: oh, that’s a nice color! WRONG! It’s the same color as lizard skin! And what else it the same color as lizard skin? Money! Money are green – it’s a fact! BOOOOOOM! The lizards have already taken over the money!

Now you are probably thinking: well, green is all well and good. But that doesn’t prove anything! But wait! There’s more! Look at the first floor of the villa. How many windows to you see? Two? And what do they look like? Eyes? YES! The look like two eyes! And what else has two eyes? LIZARDS! BOOOOOOOM!

There you have the FINAL proof of a huge flock og Lizards taking over the world.

Or am I overanalyzing?

Top 6 most wanted LEGO sets of 2020

The 2020 winter wave of LEGO sets has been announced officially and I take a look at six great LEGO sets that I’ll definitely want for my collection. Making top lists are always popular and I’ll be curious to know what your priorities are for the coming year – let me know in the comments! The list is ordered and we begin with the fifth and end with the top!

6. 60249 LEGO City Street Sweeper

First up (or sixth up!?) is the small street sweeper. Street sweepers has been a mainstay of the LEGO line-up for years and I still have my classic one from the early 90s. These are the main reason for this set coming it at fifth place. However, any AFOL city builder knows that LEGO cities are the home of dust and those street-plates or tiles need sweeping. This, and the fact that there’s some originality to the way the brushes has been made puts this set on my must-buy list!

5. 60267 LEGO City Safari Off-roader

On fifth place we find a set that sends me right back to the 1990s. The 6672 LEGO Safari Off-Road Vehicle from 1990 was something that caught my eye back then. Having missed that one by about 25-30 years, I’m happy to get a modern day equivalent. The lion and the tree-camouflage are interesting pieces and I can’t wait to build the Jeep/Landrover too! I do miss the monkey from the 6672 though.

4. 31104 Creator 3-in-1 Monster Burger Truck

Putting a Buger Monster Truck on fourth place almost seems sacrilege. It’s one of the most creative vehicles to come out of the Creator 3-in-1 theme in my opinion and I’d love to see more like it. The mix of “that’s unlikely” and “I’ve gotta laugh” that hits you when seeing this definitely puts it in the top three for me!

3. 60253 LEGO City Ice Cream Truck

I loved the 60150 Pizza Van from 2017 and anything like it is destined to go in my collection. This one will look great standing beside the Pizza Van in a food market or at your LEGO stadium. Unfortunately, my LEGO city – Bakersville, doesn’t have room for a stadium, but the fact that there’s a sunglass-wearing ice-cream on top of a van has got to count for something! This is definitely a third place for me and something I’m sure to buy!

2. 31105 Creator 3-in-1 Townhouse Toy Store

I am a city builder at heart. Ever since I played Sim City for the first time, I knew it! This set speaks to that part of me. I can add another great building to my city (when I get more room – naturally). The color scheme is great – azyre, dark blue and brown work very well together. The small tower and the balcony gives the whole set an old-Europe ambience that is just great! Wonderful set and a clear second place for me!

1. 10270 Creator Expert Bookshop

Yeah, I pretty much had to do it. Even though this list was actually made before the reveal of the 2020 modular (a big mistake on my part), I had to put it on number one! It’s just great! Beautiful colors, beautiful design and I just loooooove the core subject! A bookshop is right up my alley!

What are your thoughts on these sets and what is your must-buy sets in January?

All pictures brought with permission from Brothers Brick.

Is 10270 Creator Expert Bookshop a must-buy?

The 2020 modular building was recently revealed (too early) and AFOLs around the world have to decide if this is one for them.

Personally, I was sold the moment I heard it was a bookshop. I’ve previously built a bookshop for my city. The new raised section of Bakersville also includes a bookshop. So, I pretty much loved the new modular even before I knew the details just because of its subject matter. I’ve taken a look at the official pictures and here’s some of my thoughts.

The exterior has a very beautiful old-european look. I think it will go really well with the Assembly Square and the Parisian Restaurant. The color scheme is equally appealing – the teal is phenomenal! The fact that the whole modular can be separated into two buildings means that it has a lot of utility. Putting one building on each side of the Parisian Restaurant may look particularly good, I think! Definitely something I’ll try out when I get room enough 😀

There’s a lot of great details it seems and there’s some interesting stuff in the interior as well. The grandfather clock is great and I really like the small bedrooms under the roofs. In particular, I love the fact that it’s got a volume of Moby Brick too. I would have liked even more printed books. Between four and seven would have been good, I think. Just to underline the sense of a bookshop. But, if that is my main complaint, I’m not sure that enough to change my decision to buy it!

I’ve heard some talk about the interior being a little lacking. However, I’m pretty sure I’d be satisfied with it as is. If not, the leftover room inside the houses just leaves more room for modification. I’m stoked!

There’s also been some who pointed out that it’s a “smaller modular”. However, it’s ranks among the top four modulars (of 13) in piece count. The piece count lies above average even when counting the monstrous Assembly Square. Of course, this AFOL knows that size is also a question the size of the included pieces. If a set includes 2,500 1×1 plates, it’s not likely that you’ll end up with a building of any size. So, people may be referring to the fact that this set contains many more small pieces than others. Personally, I’d love to see it with the other modular buildings before I decide if I think the bookshop is small.

Green: more than average piece count;
Yellow: just under average piece count;
Red: under average piece cout

The overall look and the subject matter makes this modular building for me. To me, this set definitely ends up on the must-buy list for 2020. And so begins the deal-hunting!

What is your opinion on the set? Let me know in the comments!

The picture in this post is used with permission from Brothers Brick.

Overanalyzing 31097 Townhouse Pet Shop and Café

You see this LEGO set and you are probably thinking: “Hey, that’s a nice Townhouse Café and Pet Shop”, right? WRONG! It’s actually an intricate map of a super-intelligent mind-controlling computer!

Look at those red ladder-things on the side! They clearly look like the cooler unit in a computer. But that’s just the first clue! The cup on the side has two shades – blue and what else is blue and white? The Finnish flag! And what computer company comes from Finland? Nokia – their company logo is ALSO blue and white! BOOOOOM!

So now we have two clues – the colors of a computer and cell-phone giant and some computer radiators. And you’d think that there’s no more clues. But there is. Oh yes, there is!

Look at the tree and the sign above the pet shop. What do you see? Two birds? Excellent! Where do we know birds from? The Twitter logo! And how many tweets would it take if you had to write one symbol for every brick in this set? 3,417 – which is almost exactly (but not really) Pi. And how many sevenths does it take to make Pi? 22! Which is precisely the amount of 1×4 Dark Azure Bricks times two, that’s in this set. And what is another name for Azure? BLUE!!!! AND BOOOOOOOOOOM! We are back to the blue and white in the Nokia logo!

There is no denying it! There are plans for a giant, building sized, mind-controlling super-computer in this LEGO set!

Or am I overanalyzing?

LIVE LEGO BUILD: LEGO 31069 Creator 3-in1 Family Villa

LEGO 31069 Family Villa Modular House is a LEGO set in the LEGO 3-in-1 creator theme. It’s three things in one – a house, a house and a house! Today I’ll be building one of the alternate builds in this LEGO sets and I’m looking very much forward to it! It’s got some awesome minifigs! Join me as I build this LEGO Family villa in this LEGO Livestream!

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LIVE LEGO BUILD: LEGO 31097 Townhouse Pet Shop and Café

LEGO 31096 Townhouse Pet shop and Café is a LEGO set in the LEGO 3-in-1 creator theme. It’s three things in one – a townhouse, pet shop and café! It’s got different interesting play features including a neat hotdog stand. Today I’ll be building the LEGO townhouse and I’m looking very much forward to it! It’s got some awesome minifigs and a very nice cup build too! Join me as I build this LEGO Townhouse Pet shop and Café in this LEGO Livestream!

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LIVE LEGO BUILD: 31048 Lakeside Lodge

Today I build and review the LEGO 31048 Lakeside Lodge. This LEGO lodge is a set I found in a toy store even though it had been discontinued for some time. It has a great color scheme and a very cozy atmosphere I think! This little hut will make a great addition to my LEGO collection I think and I’m really looking forward to building this LEGO Cabin! So, join me as we take a trip into the deep forest with this LEGO log cabin!

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LIVE LEGO BUILD: 31068 Modular Modern Home

In today’s livestream we build the LEGO 31068 Modular Modern Home from the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 theme. The LEGO Modular Modern Home is a LEGO set I was very lucky to find in a supermarket where it was kinda randomly lying around atop a pile of other LEGO boxes. Luckily, it was pretty cheap! It’s a nice LEGO Creator set and the LEGO House looks environmentally friendly I think and the minifigs seem pretty neat! I hope you guys are ready with your comments and questions so we’ll have some fun on this live broadcast. Join me in this livestream where I build the Modular Modern House set, with my favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

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LIVE LEGO BUILD: 31067 Modular Poolside Holiday

In today’s livestream we build the LEGO 31067 Modular Poolside Holiday from the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 theme. The LEGO Modular Poolside Holiday is a LEGO set I was very lucky to find at a reduced Price some time ago! It’s a nice LEGO Creator set and the LEGO House looks pretty cozy I think. I hope you guys are ready with your comments and questions so we’ll have some fun on this live broadcast. Join me in this livestream where I build the Modular Poolside Holiday set, with my favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

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