LEGO City Update #30 – Pedestrian Area

LEGO City Update #30 – Pedestrian Area. In this video I continue work on my LEGO city. There is an area in front of the camera store and the music store that needs some updating. Hence, I’ll show you how I make a pedestrian area in my LEGO city. It’s all custom LEGO and it’s all done on camera for your viewing pleasure 🙂

LEGO City update #29 – CafĂ©

LEGO City update #29 – CafĂ©. In this video I show you how I build a custom LEGO CafĂ© in my LEGO City – Bakersville. I’ve got some great ideas to make this custom LEGO building very unique and I’m really looking forward to show you what I’ve come up with. Detailing the exterior of a LEGO buildings is always interesting and in this video, I try some different solutions.

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LEGO City Update #28 – Diner Interior

LEGO City Update #28 – Diner Interior. In this video I show you how I add an interior to my custom LEGO Diner Moc. I use both pre-made details from the Hidden Side Seafood Diner and custom interior as well. It’s a great mix and a great way to detail your own builds. Interiors in custom LEGO buildings are always fun to make and really adds a lot of life to your buildings.

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LEGO City Update #27 – Diner

LEGO City Update #27 – Diner. In this video I show you how a build a LEGO Diner for my LEGO City. It is heavily inspired by the LEGO Neighborhood Book 2 by Jason and Brian Lyles. Actually, some of the parts of it borders more on copy than reinterpretation. But, it’s a fabulous looking LEGO building and I’m very happy to have it in my LEGO city. Check out this video for the full details on the LEGO Diner in my LEGO City.

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LEGO City Update #26 – FAIL!

LEGO City Update #26 – FAIL! Today I show you how I fail at making a LEGO building! Something went awry in my creative process and I failed! But it’s a great learning experience. Learning from LEGO is not a bad thing and learning from your LEGO mistakes is great too – I love it!

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LEGO City Update #25 – Finishing Details

LEGO City Update #25 – Finishing Details. In this video I’m finishing up some details on my LEGO city. I’ve been working on four LEGO buildings for a while and today I’ll finish the exterior. I’ll also talk about the future plans for the raised section of my LEGO city.

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Lego City Update #24 – Radio Station

LEGO City Update #24 – Radio Station. I’m adding a LEGO Radio Station to my LEGO city Bakersville. I’ve chosen to go for a building that’s inspired by Art Deco which I find very interesting to recreate in LEGO. I’ve never really attempted to recreate specific architectural styles in LEGO. This will be interesting I hope. I show you how I build a Radio Station from LEGO. This video is made for an adult audience.

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LEGO City Update #23 – Camera Store

LEGO City Update #23 – Camera Store. In this video I show you how I build a LEGO Camera Store for my LEGO city – Bakersville. A camera store is essential for your LEGO city as LEGO minifigs are enthusiastic photographers. Moreover, it provides a great opportunity to build a fun 3D sign in LEGO.